EI welcomes event sponsorship support for our major fundraising events.  Sponsorship opportunities also exist to help experienced teachers who volunteer during the summer months to train teachers in developing countries.


Sponsor EI Major Fundraising Event


Individuals and organizations interested in supporting EI may also do so through event sponsorship.  Whether through gifts-in-kind or monetary contribution, supporting EI fundraising efforts is a great way to gain community recognition, as well as additional advertising for your organization!


Sponsor Volunteer Teachers


Looking for a less traditional means of supporting EI’s efforts?  How about helping a local teacher travel abroad to train teachers in developing countries!  The costs associated with international travel can be staggering.  As a result, EI offers the opportunity to assist our volunteer teachers with the costs of flights, meals, lodging, and supplies.  If you or your organization has an interest in helping a teacher travel this summer, please contact our office directly.